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The Maginot Line

ABC022 - THE MAGINOT LINE "Paris Burning" CD - $10 PPD

Ferocious Dischord-style post-punk in the vein of Shellac from these DC rockers. Guitars blaze, drums attack and vocal shouts call and respond. In your face rock that will pummel you while you sing along with a smile. Recommended.

1) Working Hard To Make A Bad Life Worse MP3
2) New Math of Dangerous MP3
3) 8x9  
4) Primate Dynamics  
5) Enemy Accent  
6) Hospital Corners  
7) Empire Building  
8) Mixer  
9) Fuck Yeah  
10) The Day My Clothes Were Confiscated  
11) Turban for the Crown  


Paris Burning


Grade: A
Holy shit this CD rocks! It's like a cross between Minus the Bear, Shellac, Avail and Samiam. It's mostly upbeat, but the drums can slow down and get all choppy (Shellac), mostly it flows and the vocals remind me a lot of Minus the Bear, only there's multiple vocals, and they're a bit more screamy. The songs are still kinda pop songs that remind me of Samiam, but there's a real dirty and raw edge to them that is reminiscent of the first Avail 7". None of that may make sense, but the quality of this cd from start to finish will do all the talking. This is one of the best rock? Screamo? records I've heard all year. (CS)
- Geek America

Each and every nugget of angular, layered guitar rock from The Maginot Line is delivered quite quickly. Paris Burning runs barely 38 minutes, but a what a ride the band produces! Maginot Line, featuring former members of Branch Manager and Corm, squeeze 11 smart, crisply played anthems into a record that is refreshingly melodic while also highly energized. The band also displays a wide array of styles. From the jangly guitar of "Working Hard to Make a Bad Life Worse" and "Primate Dynamic," to the incredible harmonies of "Eight By Nine" and "Fuck Yeah," to the Fugazi-esque noise of the closing "Turban for the Crown," this is a band in which each member perfectly complements the other. The guitar playing and vocal dynamics of Rob Anthony and Sean Lara are in perfect synchronicity with the tremendous rhythm section of Dave Allen and drummer Mark Stalzer.
- Jersey Beat

The album's title may have something to do with the band's name, but in every way the Maginot Line plays distinctly American rock. The verses are generally strident and almost atonal. The choruses are often multifaceted and utterly beautiful. I sure do like the way these songs are built piece by piece before exploding into splendor.

Indeed, it's that ultra-crafted writing style that gets to me most. These songs are simple joys to hear. And as much as it is obvious these guys worked dreadfully hard writing and arranging these songs, the energy level is quite high as well. There's no quit here.

A lot of fun for me. There's plenty of thought within these songs, but I'm exhilarated by the athletic pacing and tight writing. It's very hard to fuse those elements, but the Maginot Line makes it sound simple.
- Aiding and Abbetting

Building on the same discordant blocks that propel bands from Garrison to At The Drive In to Fugazi to Dismemberment Plan, the Paris Burning album is a keeper. Often the songs build up atonal clashing chords & rhythms and climax with a melodic group vocal orgasm, it is quite cathartic. Like a day covered in a layer of clouds, snow & slush & then the sun breaks through & hits you right in the eye with a blast of warmth. I like it, and I like this band.
- GY, Torpedo Magazine