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UDS Vol. 5

ABC031 - Single Spies / All The Dead Pilots "Urban Development Series Vol. 5" CD

Skipping Stones (All The Dead Pilots) MP3
Ten Days After (Single Spies) MP3

ABC030 - AVEC "If I Breathe I Fall Asleep" CD

16 Minus 71 MP3
Dejectile MP3

If I Breathe I Fall Asleep

Like Moving Insects

LMI1 - Like Moving Insects "Musical Album" CD

The Witching Hour MP3

ABC028 - LANDSPEEDRECORD! "Intermission" CD

The Linda Lovelace Memorial Fund MP3
Karmic Black Hole MP3


All The Dead Pilots

ABC027 - ALL THE DEAD PILOTS "Steady Not Static" CD

Empire State MP3

Steady Not Static

The Jack McCoys

ABC026 - THE JACK McCOYS "In Gray Light" CD

Sparks Fly From A Kiss


Beat The Artist MP3

Sparks Fly from a Kiss - EP


ABC024 - PULASKI "P.U.L.A.S.K.I." CD / Comic Book

Holding Out For Batgirl MP3
The Cruelest Lullabye MP3

ABC023 - CLYDESDALE "Infinite Improbability Drive" CD

King Of Teaneck MP3
(You Can't Handle) The New Disco MP3
The Maginot Line

ABC022 - THE MAGINOT LINE "Paris Burning" CD

Working Hard To Make A Bad Life Worse MP3
New Math Of Dangerous MP3

Paris Burning

The Scott Farkus Affiar

ABC021 - THE SCOTT FARKUS AFFAIR "Smoking In Bed With Mary Reeser" CD EP

Burning Down The Palace MP3

ABC020 -LANDSPEEDRECORD! "Good Housekeeping" CD

The Paxil Song MP3
Accident MP3

Good Housekeeping

The Jack McCoys

ABC019 - THE JACK McCOYS "All The Weeping Cameras" CD EP

A Star Is MP3
Half-Written Letter MP3

All the Weeping Cameras

The Slow Wire

ABC018 - THE SLOW WIRE "Analog.Living" CD

Crossed Wires MP3

Analog Living

All The Dead Pilots

ABC017 - ALL THE DEAD PILOTS "Easily Lost In The Present" CD

Constantly Keep MP3
Better Late Than Never MP3

Easily Lost In the Present

Prosolar Mechanics / Landspeedrecord

ABC014 - LANDSPEEDRECORD! / PROSOLAR MECHANICS "Urban Development Series Volume 4" Split CD

Visiting Hours (Landspeedrecord!) MP3
Secret To Win (Landspeedrecord!) MP3

Urban Development Series Vol. 4

Scott Farkus Affair

ABC015 - THE SCOTT FARKUS AFFAIR "We Will Become Destination" CD

Save The Patriots MP3
Professing The Composites MP3

We Will Become Destination

Shelly Blake

ABC016 - SHELLY BLAKE "Folk Blues and Things To Use" CD

Obstacle MP3
The Wait Is Murder (How Long?) MP3
Scott Farkus Affair

ABC013 - THE SCOTT FARKUS AFFAIR / MOVIEGOER "Urban Development Series Volume 3" Split CD EP

Hat In Hand (Scott Farkus Affair) MP3
Distrust (Moviegoer MP3
Scott Farkus Affair

ABC012 - THE SCOTT FARKUS AFFAIR "Sorrows Learn To Swim" CD

One More For Good Measure MP3

Sorrows Learn to Swim

NBR04 - PULASKI "Why Are You Doing This To Me?" CD

I Want My Records Back MP3


Little Push MP3
The Brand New #2 MP3