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"AVECduet" CD

Urban Development Series Vol. 5

Single Spies / All The Dead Pilots
Urban Development Series Vol. 5 Split CD


"If I Breathe I Fall Asleep" CD


Ambiguous City! Records Sampler #1 CD

Like Moving Insects

Like Moving Insects
"Musical Album" CD


"Intermission" CD

All The Dead Pilots

All The Dead Pilots
"Steady Not Static" CD



The entire written history of Ambiguous City, coming soon.



One half of Avec called AVECduet have just released a new record. Check it out here.

Single Spies just finished a new demo with Lance from Mininium Wage Studios.

Avec have a new demo song. Listen to it on their MySpace page It is called Dysplasia.

One of the Moviegoer reunion shows was filmed. Preliminary views say "it kicks ass". Did someone say Ambiguous City DVD!

All the Dead Pilots and Single Spies have songs on the newest Mightyming compilation. Check it out at

Avec are touring this August with their friends from New York, Nakatomi Plaza. Check the shows page to see if they will be in your area.

Reunion Alert!!! Moviegoer will be playing a reunion show in August as part of the Avec / Nakatomi Plaza tour kick off. Don't miss it.

Like Moving Insects have a new downloadable CD EP on their website, Click here to listen.

The original line-up of Landspeedrecord! are back together!. They have just booked their first show back. Don't miss it.

Avec's new CD "If I Breathe I Fall Asleep" was offically released this week. Look for it in stores. It also hit #90 on the CMJ 200 charts last week. Call your local college radio station and request it.

Don't like printed artwork and jewel cases? Download Avec's new CD though iTunes.

Avec's new CD "If I Breathe I Fall Asleep" was the 4th most added CD in college radio this week. Call you local station and request it. Also check out Avec's tour dates to catch them while they are in your town. Check out their articles in the Baltimore City Paper and in the Johns Hopkins Paper.

The Maginot Line has just posted a new video for their song "Theme Song". Check it out now.

Delusions of Adequacy just selected Landspeedrecord's new CD "Intermission" as their "Pick Of The Week" for 10/08/04. Click here to read their review.

We are very excited to announce the release of "Musical Album" the debut release by Philadelphia's Like Moving Insects. The Avec full length record is well on its way in the mixing stage of the game.Even in its unmixed state the song are completely amazing.The Single Spies/All the Dead Pilots Urban Devolopement split is also well on its way with the Single Spies having already recorded there half, All the Dead Pilots start recording in the next couple weeks.

Ambiguous City! is starting a monthly giveaway drawing to people who are on our mailing list. Win 4 CDs of our choosing in the monthly drawing.

Sign up here.

The new Ambiguous CIty! Sampler CD is now available. It is free with purchase of any CD or you can buy it by itself for a low $5. It features tracks from the last 15 or so releases plus some unreleased material.

The new Landspeedrecord! release "Intermission" is now available. You can purchase it here

The Jack McCoys new CD entitled "In Gray Light" is now available. This is a 500-run limited edition, special silk-screened envelope package, hand-assembled by the band. Get your copy now.

Check out some new reviews of the All The Dead Pilots new CD at Indie Uprising, South Of Mainstream, Baltimore City Paper. Also some new reviews of the Sparks Fly From A Kiss CD at Indie Workshop, and Splendid Ezine.

The Jack McCoys have decided to call it quits. Here's what their guitarist Dan Madri has to say about it: "Very seldom does a band get to write it's own epitath and organize it's own funeral, so we feel very lucky that we are able to end things the right way, on our own terms, and without any animosity or ill will. Thank all of you for the support that you've given us over the 3 years we were a band, and thank you for the support and good wishes that you continue to give Matt and I in Joy."'s "The Young Idea" DVD has just been released. It features songs by Slow Wire and Prosolar Mechanics. Go buy it now.

Also, The Maginot Line have just released a split 7" with the mighty Athens GA band, Jet By Day on Two Sheds Music. Check it out now

Dan and Matt from The Jack McCoys have recorded new material under the name of Joy. Their self-titled debut CD was just released March 25th on California's Shrimper Records. It is absolutely moving and along the lines of Will Oldham, The Mountain Goats, and Califone. Buy this record and be inspired all over again. And look for them to be touring this spring/summer.

Look for the Maginot Line on the CD sampler included with issue #13 of Copper Press that is out now. They will also be included on the Pop Culture Press CD sampler in issue #56 due out March 1st and available at SXSW.

The Slow Wire is featured on a new compilation CD being put out by Reinforcement Records. Catch The Slow Wire live webcast from Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ on DIgital Club Network.

Landspeedrecord! played live on-air at WFMU. Listen to the archived show on the WFMU Website. The Slow Wire played also live on WFMU. Listen online.

Catch Sean, Rob, and Dave from The Maginot Line in the new video for the Dismemberment Plan here. Our friend Kristin Forbes from Boston also makes an appearance.




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16 Minus 71.

All The Dead Pilots:
Skipping Stones.

Single Spies:
Ten Days After.

Karmic Black Hole.

All The Dead Pilots:
Empire State.

Like Moving Insects:
The Witching Hour.

Sparks Fly From A Kiss:
Beat The Artist.

The Maginot Line:
New Math Of Dangerous.

The King Of Teaneck.

Jack McCoys:
A Star Is.

Slow Wire:
Crossed Wires.

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Aug 31st
Talking Head - Baltimore, MD
AVECduet CD release show

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